11 Dec Apprenticeship Restart - Topic - Testing

Posted on: Tue, 11/12/2018 - 10:13 By: sacha

Topics of note during chat: https://design-system.service.gov.uk


(important for knowledge module one)

See Introduction to Testing lesson plan on GitHub.

Testing is:

  • Exploration.
  • Mitigation
    • fixing bugs
    • reassessing and changing user requirements
    • providing user assistance within the product
    • creating user docs
    • communication know issues to stakeholders
  • Valuable
    • value at every stage of Software Development Life Cycle
    • test much more than the software 
      • Ideas
      • Requirements
      • Designs
      • Assumptions
      • Documentation
      • infrastructure
      • processes
  • Communication
    We need to be communicating regularly with a wide variety of people
    • Developers
    • Product owners
    • Testers
    • Stakeholders
    • Users
    • Managers
  • Potentially infinate
    Can't test everything, has to be an end point. But part of job as tester to
    • make decisions about what to test
    • understand the consequences of testing only those things
    • explain and justify our decisions

Testing is not:

  • simple
  • automatable
  • increasing quality
  • fixed, unimaginative, and best confined to strict rules
  • vital for project success
  • never finished

(synoptic project will require test plan)

Knowledge Module 1


Types of Testing


Black Box vs White Box Testing presentation:

on google docs

Creating a Front-End Test Plan


Make a term glossary!